About Us - Service Mission & Vision

MinisterScheduling.com was established to facilitate participation in liturgical ministries by eliminating the concerns and obstacles associated with scheduling.


Our mission is to provide churches with the scheduling tools that will increase church members' willingness to volunteer in liturgical ministries and to fulfill assignments for which they are scheduled.


We envision churches using our service that have vibrant liturgical ministries that are facilitated by confidence that the minister scheduling will be completed easily and accurately reflect the constraints of the involved ministers.


Today in many churches liturgical ministries are hampered by factors relating to minister scheduling. These issues can restrain church members from volunteering and can increase turnover of those who do volunteer. At times they can also lead to last minute scrambling to fill minister positions. Examples of such factors are:

  1. Ministers are missing due to scheduling conflicts
  2. Church members resign from their ministry or are reluctant to volunteer for one because:
    • Lack of confidence that their scheduled assignments will reflect their constraints
    • Ministers' private information is routinely published on the Internet as part of the schedule
    • Leadership positions are too time consuming because of a lack of supporting tools

The MinisterScheduling.com liturgical minister scheduling service targets the elimination of these and other scheduling related impediments.