Service Support

Overview supports this service through several resources which are intended to assist ministers with the use of the service. These resources are organized to support the three roles in which ministers participate:

  1. Serving at mass
  2. Leading a ministry
  3. Administering the scheduling

Perhaps the most fundamental of these resources are the videos that show the service in actual use. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) resource covers areas where ministers have needed additional information as they used the service. Finally, ministers who have questions that are not answered by the other resources can submit a service request to ask for personalized assistance or propose new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

The material presented in the FAQs section of our website provides an invaluable resource for ministers in all roles who need a tip on how to accomplish an activity. Material covered includes some aspects of the service that deal with special cases that are outside the norm.


A series of video tutorials have been compiled to assist ministers in the use of this service. Each of the videos covers a different aspect of the service, and the entire collection describes most of the activities that ministers, ministry leaders and parish administrators normally do in carrying out their responsibilities.

Most of the videos are only a couple of minutes in length. Ministers can pause the video while using the actual service in a different browser window to follow along with the steps illustrated. With this approach, learning how to use the system becomes a simple activity and soon ministers will become proficient.

Service Request

Ministers who cannot resolve a problem using the video tutorials or the FAQs can request personalized assistance by completing a service request. It is important that ministers complete the form and provide as much specific information as possible about the problem they are experiencing so that it can be effectively addressed by our technical support staff. Our goal is to respond to service requests within two business days.

Service requests can also be used to propose new features for the service. If you have a need that is not handled by the features offered, you can describe it and request that it be considered for future inclusion. While it cannot be expected that new feature requests be satisfied rapidly, rest assured that all submissions will be evaluated and when practicable, included in a future update.