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MinisterScheduling.com is a service offered by the CyberAssist division of Meteor Technologies, Inc., a software development and Internet Services company founded in 1997. The liturgical minister scheduling service was first launched in 2007 and has progressed through three major upgrades since its introduction. Each upgrade introduced new features and capabilities that increased the value of the service to subscribing parishes. Clients are encouraged to request feature enhancements for the service through the support section of this website so that a continuing stream of meaningful enhancements can be introduced over time.

Company Information

This service is brought to you by:

Meteor Technologies, Inc.
CyberAssist Division
P. O. Box 462
Carmel, IN 46082-0462

You may use this information to contact us by mail. For faster communications, please use the "Contact Us" link at the left. If you are a minister in a parish that subscribes to our service and would like to request assistance or suggest a new feature, please follow this link to submit your request.

Our Qualifications

Our experience with development of computer driven scheduling systems began over 45 years ago with the development of an engine for final exam scheduling at college level institutions. The requirements for this engine demanded that exams be scheduled such that student conflicts were minimized. Since that time technology has changed immensely and our knowledge continued to grow. All of this experience has been applied to this project and the proprietary multi-pass scheduling engine that drives this service. As one might expect, a scheduling engine must be fast and must be able to address and satisfy a multitude of constraints and preferences. We developed a custom scheduling engine for liturgical minister scheduling that is unsurpassed in accommodating minister preferences, constraints, relationships with other ministers, and multiple ministry participation. All of these factors are critical in producing a schedule that meets the needs of the ministers who volunteer to serve.


The Scheduler saves me a tremendous amount of time. More important than the efficiency is the fact that the accuracy can be trusted. I love the fact that each minister is able to block out dates they are unable to serve. The ministers appreciate the flexibility and being responsible for their personal schedules.

I find this tool invaluable!

S. Treida
Liturgical Scheduler