Liturgical Minister Scheduling Service

This Internet-based service, specifically designed for Catholic parishes, provides much more than making the publication of periodic ministry schedules a quick, simple task. For a scheduling service to really meet the needs of a parish, it should deliver a full compliment of well-trained ministers for every mass. Our toolbox of integrated features is designed to do just that!

More than static scheduling ...

Publishing periodic schedules has proven to be ineffective in actually getting minister assignments filled. Over time conflicts emerge that must be addressed and a scheduling solution that cannot adapt is only doing part of the job. This service provides dynamic, living schedules that are suited to the real world environment every parish faces.

Explore our service description to learn about:

  • The set of tools we provide to realize 100% fulfillment of assignments
  • What we do to simplify scheduling for all ministers
  • The features we provide to facilitate and track minister training
  • How we can serve your parish

To begin the service in your parish order it now.



I LOVE this scheduling system!

S. Treida
Liturgical Scheduler

It's so easy to find a sub!

Joan Scimeca

It's nice that my husband and I can serve as EMHC's separately, we have small children.

Lisa Hemmerling